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This is important information for you to review PRIOR to having SURGERY.

Surgery Preparation:

Presurgical testing may need to be performed. Tests must be completed prior to the day of your surgery. All patients must register at the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital. Please bring all appropriate insurance information with you. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must sign the permit for your surgery.

What to Bring:

All appropriate insurance cards or forms. Containers for contact lenses, dentures or eyeglasses. List of medications you are presently taking. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.
DO NOT wear any jewelry.
DO NOT wear any makeup or nail polish.

Before Your Surgery:

DO NOT eat anything after midnight the night before your surgery.
DO NOT drink anything, even water, after midnight the night before your surgery.
DO NOT chew gum, mints or tobacco after midnight the night before your surgery.
DO NOT smoke after midnight the night before your sugery. Leave valuables, wigs, and false eyelashes at home.

Day of Surgery:

Before your surgery, you will be asked to undress and put on a hospital gown.

Anesthesia Department personnel will meet with you to discuss the type of anesthesia you will receive.

You will also see your doctor and meet the operating room nurse before surgery. Your family will be asked to wait in the lobby.

After surgery, your doctor will speak with you and your family. If you receive IV or general anesthesia you will be taken to the recovery room. Your blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate will be monitored.

If you have received only a local anesthetic, you may be discharged immediately after surgery and you may be allowed to drive yourself home.

If you receive IV or general anesthesia, please make arrangements to have someone drive you home. YOU MAY NOT DRIVE YOURSELF.

Have someone stay with you the remainder of the day. You may go home by taxi if accompanied by a responsible adult other than the taxi driver.

Medications Before Surgery:

Please avoid all pain or over the counter medications two (2) weeks prior to and after your surgery.