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Food Groups


May Cause Distress

Beverages, served cold Cold dairy beverages: cold milk and milk drinks (e.g. milkshakes and eggnog); iced tea, iced coffee, carbonated beverages, high-protein, high-calorie oral supplement Chocolate drinks, red or orange colored punches or fruit drinks
Breads and cereals Lukewarm, smooth, cooked cereals All others
Fats Butter or fortified margarine, cream None
Fruits Nectars, apple juice, noncitrus fruit juices Red or orange colored fruit juice; all others
Meats and meat substitutes Any mild, pureed meat or chicken in mousse form; plain and sweetened, flavored yogurt Cheese, yogurt with whole fruit pieces, all others
Potato or substitute Lukewarm pasta, lukewarm thinned, whipped potatoes All others
Soups Lukewarm, strained, cream soup, jellied consommé, lukewarm soup All others
Sweets and deserts Custard, ice cream, pudding, sherbert, plain-flavored gelatin, ice water and frozen pops, sugar, honey All others and anything made with chocolate or whole fruit, all food containing red or orange coloring
Vegetables Vegetable juice or vegetable mousse Acidic vegetable juice (e.g. tomato based juices)
Miscellaneous Iodized salt, flavorings, all mild spices in moderation

Extremes in seasoning ( pepper sauce, chili powder, and meat sauces)